Dead baby found in North Philadelphia was stillborn, police say

Published by The Philadelphia Inquirer

By Melanie Bavaria, Inquirer Staff Writer

POSTED: October 25, 2011

A dead infant girl abandoned on a porch in North Philadelphia during the weekend was stillborn, police said Monday.

Police found the baby, wrapped in a brown towel, about 9 a.m. Saturday outside a home on the 4900 block of North Marvine Street in Logan.

The Special Victims Unit is looking for whomever abandoned the infant. Police say they are also concerned about the well-being of the mother, who might need medical care.

Officer Tanya Little, a police spokeswoman, said SVU investigators were informed the stillborn infant weighed 2.1 pounds.

Neighbors said the occupants of the house have been out of town since before the infant was found.

Carolyn Daise, who lives across the street from the home where the infant was found, said she looked out her window at least twice before dawn Saturday but saw nobody. She said that she had not seen any pregnant girls in the area recently and that she suspected the mother was not "anyone from around here."

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